This is a Note for CS232p.

Lab1 Introduction

The detail configuration of enviroment is here.

  • ifconfig interface A.B.C.D/xx
    Where interface indicates the output port, e.g., eth0, A.B.C.D indicates the IP address, e.g.,, and /xx indicates the length of the subnet mask, e.g. /24 (
  • ping IPaddress
    Issues a ping command for the host with the given IP address. The system will issue one ICMP Echo Request packet with a size of 56 bytes every second. The command is stopped by pressing Ctrl-C.
  • ping IPaddress -c <num>
    The command stops after sending a number, num, of ICMP Echo Requests.
  • ping IPaddress -s <num>
    The number of data bytes in the ICMP Echo Request is set to num bytes.